Always do your research before you travel


Dengue destination: The Bahamas

This story is not representative of all patients who contract dengue and the majority of cases are asymptomatic.

Sophie's family trip to the Bahamas was memorable for all the wrong reasons when she caught dengue fever.

Sophie had been lucky to visit the Bahamas previously and she couldn’t wait to return to the tropical paradise for an extended break.

After weeks of enjoying the crystal-clear sea and stunning scenery, Sophie, 26, from London, started to feel unwell with cold and flu symptoms.

Thinking it would pass, Sophie and her family carried on with their plans, but she continued to get worse.

“I was starting to feel very uncomfortable,” she remembers. “Considering this was a relaxing holiday, I was surprised to be feeling so drained.”

Even now, 10 years on, the most prominent thing I remember about it is how uncomfortable the experience was.


In a matter of hours Sophie’s temperature had spiked and she was experiencing severe pain.

She says: “I’d gone from swimming with my sister and feeling a bit achy, to feeling really uncomfortable.”

Her parents took her to the local doctor where they quickly confirmed it was dengue fever. As there was nothing the doctor could do, she was told to go home to rest.

It was the first time Sophie had heard of the disease and her and her family were left shaken by the diagnosis.

“I had such a high fever, nothing really helped ease it,” explains Sophie.

“Even now, 10 years on, the most prominent thing I remember about it is how uncomfortable the experience was.” 

After three weeks of not being able to eat or move, bedridden by dengue, Sophie made her way back to the UK to recover fully.

While the experience hasn’t dampened Sophie’s wanderlust, she now takes more time to research the health implications at her travel destination and encourages others to do the same.

If you’re planning a dream getaway, always check your destination for dengue before you take-off and find out if you need to take precautions.

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Ken Burnett


Always do your research before you travel


May 2023

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